Essential Notion Keyboard Shortcuts for Faster Workflow

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Below are a few essential and useful Notion keyboard shortcuts that will streamline your workflow and make you more productive:

Cmd/Ctrl + K/P

Activate the search bar to find pages, databases, or blocks. It may take a few seconds for results to appear.

Move Text Up or Down

Cmd/Ctrl + Shift + Up
Cmd/Ctrl + Shift + Down

Reorder text blocks up or down. If you're moving checkboxes or list items, it will first attempt to place the item as the child element of the adjacent item before moving it up or down.

New Row

Shift + Enter

Create a new row in a table or a database.

Toggle Options

Cmd/Ctrl + Enter

Open a toggle while editing or highlighting one.

Cmd/Ctrl + Option/Alt + T

Open or close all toggles on a page.

Navigate to Upper Directory

Cmd/Ctrl + Shift + U

Navigate back to the upper directory.

Move Between Pages

Cmd/Ctrl + [
Cmd/Ctrl + ]

Move between pages forward or backward.

Delete Block

Cmd/Ctrl + Delete/Backspace

Remove the content of the block. When pressed twice, removes the block completely.

Duplicate Block

Cmd/Ctrl + D

Duplicate blocks for consistent layout or content reuse.

New Comment

Cmd/Ctrl + Shift + M

Insert a comment to the highlighted/focused element.

Insert Quote

" + Space

Create a quote block.

Inline Code

Cmd/Ctrl + E

Convert selected text to inline code. When not selected, it will mark new text as inline code.

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