Restoring your Notion workspace

Before you can restore your workspace, it needs to be backed up at least once. To make sure that the restore process goes as smoothly as possible, reauthorize your workspace from the workspace settings and include all the pages you want to back up.

If you're on the Starter plan, you can only restore your workspace under the same workspace. Your data will be nested under a newly created page, and your existing workspace data won't be overwritten. If you're on the Pro plan, you can restore your data to a different workspace as well.


There are some limitations imposed by Notion's API, which make a complete restore impossible at this moment. Some of the current limitations are:

  • Top-level pages can only be nested under another page
  • Not all block types are supported
  • Property types such as Rollup, Created by, Created time, Last edited by, or Last edited time can't be restored accurately
  • Media files can't be uploaded
  • Database views don't get restored
  • Embed blocks don't render fully
  • The order of blocks might not always be preserved
  • Comments will carry the integration's name and won't have accurate timestamps

If you're restoring to a different workspace, additional limitations may apply:

  • Synced blocks can't be restored